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Intellectual Property & Patents

Patent prosecution involves developing an idea for a new and useful process, machine involving a device or combination of devices, manufacture or composition of matter, and then submitting the explanation of the invention in required format to the US Patent and Trademark Office. In exchange for presentation of the invention to the public so that others can be taught to use it, the patentee is granted a monopoly for a limited period of time to either market and sell the invention or to restrict others from using the invention.

The procedure for applying for patent involves searching for prior art, drafting a specification and drawings, and then having the application published while discussing the elements of the application with the patent examiner.

Trademark prosecution involves searching for competing names in a designated field, then applying for registration and, of course, discussing the application with the trademark examiner. A successful registration can be granted for an unrestricted period of time so long as the registered mark continues to be used in commerce.

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