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Copyright and trademark infringement affect the ability of your company to protect your brand reputation, your pricing strategy, and other essential strategic elements that allow you to conduct business successfully.

More Than 40 Years of Business Law, Litigation and Intellectual Property Experience
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Protect your intellectual property with the help of an experienced attorney who can not only help you with copyright and trademark registration but who can also protect your rights in court in cases of infringement.

At the Newport Beach law offices of Flyer & Flyer, A Professional Law Corporation, we both handle trademark and copyright registration and litigation for businesses throughout California.

In copyright and trademark infringement cases, the main issue is always whether or not the work questioned by the plaintiff is truly similar enough to the original work that it can be considered a copy.

This is to some degree a matter of judgment. With more than 40 years of experience in intellectual property law, attorney David R. Flyer can help you understand the factors in your case and you potential options for resolution.

Most trademark infringement disputes involve a piece of work that has modified a copyrighted piece to some degree, and then claims their version is completely different.

There are rarer cases when people go ahead and willfully infringe on the original piece of work. We handle the entire range of trademark and copyright litigation for cases that fall under the jurisdiction of U.S. or California law.

Having practiced in intellectual property law and business litigation since 1981, attorney Flyer also has extensive experience as an mechanical engineer. His diverse career and depth of knowledge often allows him to resolve issues without doing a lot of legal or technical research, saving his clients time and money while achieving results.

He has tried over sixty cases, a number of which resulted in precedent-setting published legal opinions .

Trademark and Copyright Registration

In addition to our litigation practice, we also handle copyright and trademark registration for California businesses and individuals. We handle all trademarks through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, while obtaining copyrights through the United States Copyright Office.

In addition to helping you fill out all forms properly, we will file your registration with the appropriate office. If the examiner has any questions or concerns regarding your application, we will deal with them until your trademark or copyright application has been accepted.

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