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Legal Protections For Your Patent

Once you have secured a patent, you can begin to exploit the value of your company’s ideas and ingenuity. However, although you have the legal right to exclusive use of your idea, disputes over intellectual property do arise.

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When they do, you need an experienced trial lawyer who understands both the technological and the legal issues in patent infringement and is willing to fight for your business in court.

At the Newport Beach law offices of Flyer & Flyer, a PLC, we represent both patent owners claiming infringement and parties accused of infringement on existing patents. We represent clients throughout California.

Sometimes allegations of patent infringement involve products, components or processes that appear on the surface to be very similar. Resolving the uncertainty about whether one infringes on the other’s patent may require a great deal of detailed technical knowledge.

In other cases, a patent infringement allegation arises over questions about who is the legitimate owner of a particular patent, or about who has the right to exploit the patented idea. Patent litigation of this nature requires a deep grounding in both intellectual property law and in trial strategy.

In every case, our clients have a lot at stake.

Attorney David R. Flyer and attorney Raquel Flyer Dachner have more than 40 years of experience in intellectual property and business litigation. They have tried more than 65 cases, several of which resulted in precedent-setting published legal cases. Our law firm also handles the prosecution of patents.

In addition to his significant legal and trial experience, Mr. Flyer has a background as a working mechanical engineer. This unusual combination of both technical and legal knowledge allows him to minimize the time spent in research, saving our clients time and money.

Whether you believe that you have been the victim of patent infringement or you are accused of violating the patent protection of another, we will help you understand your rights and make sure your interests are protected.

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